Tips for Buyers Pt. 1 : Sewer Scope Inspection

By Joe Villani | Nov. 2nd 2020| Sewer Scope Inspection | Sturdy Home Inspections

What's better than saving money? I always try to save my clients money. Especially because buying a house tends to suck people dry for a while. Between down payments, paying off debt to raise credit, paying inspectors, surveyors, attorneys. There's no doubt this process is expensive. And absolutely nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars fixing an issue shortly after moving in. Because spending more money sucks, but it happens a ton more than you think.

Too many times I’ve heard the same story, “A week after moving in our sewers began to back up”. Yeah, the sewer that carries the doodoo safely away from your home, they can back up. And if you don’t know what a ‘backed up’ sewer is, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

“But Joe, I got a Home Inspection. Why would that happen?”

Well that's because no one checked the inside of the Sewer line during the inspection.

Home Inspections are “non-invasive”. To simplify, we can only inspect what we can see, and that tends to exclude the important parts of the sewer line (uhh like the inside of it). But this is rarely brought to the attention of the buyer/client. Buyers tend to leave the Home Inspection feeling confident about their new home, but since they don't know better, they could be buying a home with thousands of dollars of issues hidden in the sewers, and have no clue.

“Out of sight, out of mind”

Well the solution is simple: get a Sewer Scope Inspection. It's simple because a Sewer Scope is literally a camera attached to the end of a long cable that goes inside the sewer line, and takes a video of the entire line. By doing this, we can see the majority of potential issues in the sewer line. It can be done during the Home Inspection, and usually costs between $200-$400 (compared to thousands in repairs).

When put this way, it almost feels like a no brainer. But its still not as popular as you think. I think it’s due to the classic fear that the more an inspector does, the better chance we have of “killing a deal”. Which in reality is stupid. It provides an extra layer of comfort for our clients and to be honest, most of the time the issues we find are still correctable and haven’t turned into a large problem yet. Without the sewer scope, these things would go undetected, and turn into big ($$$) issues.

So when you get your accepted offer, and you’re put under the gun to schedule a Home Inspection (or worse, your realtor schedules it for you), don’t be afraid to ask for a Sewer Scope Inspection. That's it, that's the tip, Get a Sewer Scope Inspection.

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