Check for Blockages in Your Sewer Line

Get a sewer scope inspection in Islip, NY

Sewer line issues are one of the most common problems new homeowners face. Blockages, broken pipes and tree root damage can create issues that cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Since these issues are hidden from view, it can be difficult to detect them early. Luckily, you can find hidden problems with a sewer scope camera.

Sturdy Home Inspections, Inc. handles sewer scope inspections for clients in the Islip, NY area. We'll find defects and blockages in your sewer line using a high-end sewer scope camera. Then, we'll give you a detailed report so that you can fix any issues promptly.

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Get the most out of your home inspection

Get the most out of your home inspection

If you really want to ensure that the property you're buying has no major issues, you should get a sewer scope inspection. This service can be added onto your regular home inspection to provide a more comprehensive look at the property.

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