These are the principles we instill on a daily basis, on every phone call, inspection, and report. Following these guidelines ensures the highest quality service day in and day out.

Always keep the clients best interests in mind

  • We are hired by our clients, so that means we work for you. When providing any service, we do our best to look out for our clients in any way we can. Your safety and comfort are our top priority.

Always put ourselves in the clients shoes
  • As an inspector, we do more than just analyze the technical aspects of a home, but try to understand how these systems and components will impact each client individually. To accomplish this, We must be empathetic and insightful. These traits allow us to look at the home from the clients perspective.

Always be respectful of all parties involved
  • There are a lot of moving parts to the Home buying process, and everyone has a job to do. We strive to provide a great service to our clients without stepping on anyone's toes. From the buyers and sellers agents, to the owner of the home we are inspecting, we always give respect from start to finish.

Always put finding the right answer over being right
  • The Home Inspection industry is full of huge egos. From the very beginning, we've always tried to be humble. We prioritize giving our clients the most accurate information, even if it contradicts our original thoughts. The ability to put pride aside and do the proper research is a key factor in what separates us from the average Home Inspection company.

Always do everything 100%
  • Never cut corners. Always do the right thing even if its the hard thing. This is not only a core value of our business but of our everyday lives. This is the cornerstone to our business. This means not rushing an inspection because it may be taking longer then expected, or skipping a crawlspace that may be a little tight. This means doing all we can to identify every defect we find, and triple checking our work.

Joe Villani (NYS Lic. #16000084471) is a Certified Professional Inspector and the owner of Sturdy Home Inspections, INC., proudly serving all of Long Island. Joe combines his construction background with a passion for Building Sciences to provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge about their home. Always professional and friendly, Joe does a great job explaining his findings to our clients in a way that is not intimating or overwhelming. In his years as a Licensed Home Inspector, Joe completed inspection services for many clients who have come to rely on him for his honesty and expertise.

"One of the best parts about being an Inspector is getting to really help our clients and bring them something of value. I love earning the trust of a client, and then giving them the information they need to purchase their home confidently." - Joe Villani